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How home care agencies can support the NHS

There are currently hundreds of elderly people stuck in hospitals around the country when they needn’t be. The term bed-blocking sounds as if the patients themselves are unwilling to move – this is definitely not the case as most are desperate to get home. Bed blocking costs on average £400 per bed per night with the taxpayer picking up the £2 billion annual tab.

So what causes bed blocking? The first is trying to assemble the many different doctors who might be involved in the individual’s care to sign off that the patient is well enough to go home. The second and most problematic is arranging care for the individual. Around a quarter of all individuals are unable to released from hospital as they are ’stuck’ waiting for care packages.

If you or a loved one are due to be released from hospital. It’s important to ensure the right care and support is in place after discharge from hospital to ensure that the chances of hospital readmission are greatly reduced. So how can home care agencies help?

Home care after hospital discharge

If around the clock care and support is needed for a loved one then it’s common for elderly people to move into care homes. However there is an alternative care option called live-in care. Live in care is a service provided by home care agencies and can support discharge from hospital. At Novus Care, we even have the capacity to start care packages with 48 hours, meaning loved ones can return to the comfort and familiarity of their own home quickly and safely with the care and support of a professional qualified live in carer. Find out more about live in care here.

How a home carer can help

While many families would hope to be able to provide care and support for a loved one, it can be incredibly demanding to manage it alone – especially around work and family. So choosing a professional live in carer can be a lifeline.

Live in care services are available from just a few days to as long as you or a loved one needs care and support. A live-in carer is an experienced carer who lives with you at home and is trained to provide professional 1-2-1 care. Whether it’s providing personal care, medication management, or preparing healthy meals, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing there is always someone there to attend to you or a loved one’s needs day and night.

How much does a home carer cost?

The cost of home care is all dependent on the care and support needs of the person. Social care isn’t free, however, one of the most daunting things for many is how to pay for it. There are various different ways care can be funded – we’ve provided a guide here to some of the most common options.

Our home care costs are tailored to your exact care needs and requirements. You pay for dedicated one-to-one care and you decide the level of care and support you need, for as long as you want it rather than paying a care home where care is shared across many care home residents.

How to arrange care after hospital discharge

We aim to ensure the transition from hospital to home is as smooth as possible. Dignity, respect and privacy are at the centre of our approach to care. So let’s get your loved ones home quickly and safely. Contact our hospital discharge care team today on 0800 138 4030 or email: [email protected] where someone will be happy to discuss your care requirements.

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