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Father’s Day Alzheimer and Dementia tips

If your dad or grandfather is living with Dementia, celebrating Father’s day can be especially heart breaking as it reminds you of the way things used to be. Unfamiliar faces, and disruption of daily routines can make those living with dementia confused and upset. This Father’s Day, try to focus on the positive. Here are some tips and ideas to make Father’s day special for the whole family. 

Activities to do with your dad who’s living with Dementia

Movie night / afternoon

Watch one of his favourite movies together. However don’t expect him to sit through the entire movie. Go to the BBC Archive online for a free supply of short vintage TV clips, from the 1930’s onwards. 


If they have a history of loving to bake or cook then this is something you can both do together. Bake some bread or cook his favourite meal which will bring back memories.


Touching and watching something grow can be an important aspect of someone’s care and gardening is proven to have mental and physical benefits. It engages the senses providing positive emotions that they may no longer experience regularly.


Puzzles make for a stimulating activity for those in early states of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. There are now a variety of puzzles designed for people with dementia. Buy an activity book or a puzzle with larger pieces. Why not consider converting a family photo into a puzzle? You can then do the puzzle together.


Bingo is a game that can be easily adapted for people with dementia. It can help stimulate the thought process and stimulate the memory.


Art is extremely liberating for someone living with dementia and is something you can do together without conversation. Buy some brightly coloured paints/crayons or felt tips and textured paper or make a collage together. 


Dancing can improve wellbeing and mobility for people with dementia and can change one’s mood and help agility and balance. It is also a way of connecting people in a relaxed environment.


Download some music which he loved listening to. Music is a powerful memory connector and can trigger golden memories. It is proven to help reduce anxiety and depression and even help maintain speech and language for those with Dementia. 

Go for a walk

Research has shown that people with dementia who spent 10 to 15 minutes outside improved significantly. Whether it’s a walk or pushing a wheelchair, walks outside, especially in parks or green areas reduces stress levels.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s gift ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Family photo album

Any type of gift that involves photos or memories is a perfect present for your loved one especially those with more advanced dementia. You can sit together and share each photo. They may not remember names, but feelings ‘stick’. A photo album full of happy memories  even if they can’t name everyone in their photos will make them smile.

Voice Controlled Alarm Clock with Reminders

A voice controlled alarm clock is a perfect Father’s Day gift. You can record a message every time he wakes up reminding him what to do at that particular time. It’s a simple, hands-free solution to remind him about medication, appointments and every-day tasks!

Buy some brightly coloured paints/crayons or felt tips 

Art is extremely liberating for someone living with dementia and is a dementia activity which you can do together without conversation.

Digital calendar clock

The buttons are all clearly labelled to avoid confusion and the date and time appears in large bold letters which they can see the clock from across the room.

Small fish tank or a bird feeder. 

Setting up a small fish tank has proven to reduce depression for those living with Dementia. Or buy a bird feeder and position it outside of her window that your loved one spends a lot of time near.

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