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Caring never stops for the staff at Novus Care

Lydia, one of the Field Care Supervisors for our Godalming branch is a keen Stoolball player and was recently at a tournament with her family. Whilst there, Lydia spotted Roger, one of the users of the weekly Rosemary and Sage dementia café that our local branch are regularly involved with. Lydia became concerned that he was on his own and seemed a little lost so she went over to say hello to Roger.

It seemed that Roger had ridden his bike with his wife Christine to Alfold and had become a little confused as to where he was. Lydia provided him with a drink and some cake whilst she asked for support from the oncall team at Novus Care.

LydiaLydia walked with Roger back to the road to see if he could regain his bearings. When he wasn’t able to recall where he was Lydia called 101 for advice. It seemed that Roger and his wife Christine had gone for a bike ride and he had gone a little off track. Despite searching for him, Christine had driven the 6 miles home, called the local police and got into her car to keep looking for Roger.

Fortunately, the police were able to identify Roger from the missing persons alert and reunite them. Christine, Roger’s wife was so grateful to Lydia for being in the right place at the right time and she showed her appreciation with a gift and thank you card.

Well done Lydia, it just goes to show how far our support can spread and what a different we can all make in a worrying situation.



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