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Live in Watford and need home care?

Home care, or domiciliary care is a service that enable older parents to retain their independence and freedom in their own homes. Familiar surroundings, being near to friends and social connections are the main reasons given by older adults for wanting to continue living in their own homes.

Retaining independence maybe important, but there could be areas of their day-to-day life they are finding difficult to manage on their own and need help. Knowing how your older parent is managing, or more importantly visiting them to observe how they are copying would help to gauge as to when intervention needs to be considered:

  • Are they eating?
  • Are they managing to keep their house clean? 
  • How are they coping with personal hygiene?
  • Do they get out the house regularly or are they becoming less mobile and starting to feel lonely?

Home care could be the help needed while still able to live independently in their own home in Watford. The level of care can be tailored to meet their needs. It can be anything from and hourly visit as needed to more regular longer visits or even 24 hour live-in care. Novus Care home care workers are qualified to help with personal care such as bathing and dressing. Even for those with debilitating medical conditions, our carers are skilled to support such needs so they can continue living at home.

Novus Care, with offices in Watford are registered with the Care Quality Commission who are responsible for checking that the care we provide meets the essential standards of quality and safety. Novus Care are also members of the UK Home Care association which requires members to comply with the code of practice to treat service users with dignity and respect. The benefits of looking for the right home care provider for an older parent rather than calling on your own time or that of another member of the family, is that a professional service is provided. Novus Care Watford provides on going training and development for our care workers to assess care needs and tailor a care plan accordingly.

Novus Care Watford will offer the care your older parent needs so they can stay in their own home and retain their freedom and independence in familiar surroundings.

Here is a testimonial from one of Novus Care’s service users:

I am so pleased to hear from you that your kind, caring and professionalism in the way you and your team of carers manage your work has been recognized by CQC by classing, Novus-Care as “Good”.

From my point of view, I would have thought your “rating” should warrant an “Excellent”, as from the first time I visited your office on the 14th July `16, I was immediately aware from meeting you, Sam and Antonia that by asking Novus-Care to care for the needs of our 96 year old aged Aunt Vi at her home,  would be the right move and be a relief for my cousin Sylvia, who had been on daily visits for the past 3 years. My subsequent telephone calls and emails were given immediate response, even at the week-ends and out of hours.

You may remember that I had cause to renovate the kitchen, bringing the electrical equipment into the 21st Century. During the month of July, I was able to witness your carers, such as Ros, Chloe and Julia, attending Vi with utmost respect, courtesy and consideration. With the onset of dementia Aunt Vi was not the easiest person with which to offer care. Somehow, all of your staff, through their kindness, were able to form a good relationship with her and were able to get her to comply with their requests. No mean feat and very commendable!!

I do hope I have expressed sufficient commendation in the above for you to relay to the CQC just how much of an “OUTSTANDING” Service Novus-Care afford to the local aged community of Cranleigh.

Wishing you All every success in the coming years, and thanking you for all the care taken with our Aunt Vi until her move to the Royal Surrey County Hospital on the 19th August `16.”

Yours Very sincerely,  J

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