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How Faith changed David’s life…

Meet David…

David has been a Novus Care client since April 2023 and is living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, resulting in some learning difficulties. However, with the dedicated around the clock care and support of his live in carer Faith by his side, David’s life has undergone significant positive changes.

Faith has become an integral part of David’s social life, enhancing it in numerous ways other than being his carer. They share a common love for the local football team, attending matches together regularly. Additionally, Faith accompanies David to church every week, contributing to his spiritual well-being.

The bond between David and Faith extends beyond leisure activities. They engage in quality time together, cooking meals and enjoying friendly games of scrabble. Faith’s commitment goes further as she assists David in navigating the digital world. Given David’s partial deafness, Faith has been instrumental in helping him learn new computer skills and check emails.

Faith’s dedication shines through in her efforts to facilitate David’s online communication with friends. Recognising her exceptional commitment, Faith was nominated as the Carer of the Month by both David’s mother and his social worker.

Faith’s unwavering care and support has not only improved David’s social life but has also empowered him to overcome challenges in communication and technology. Her dedication and compassionate care earned her the well-deserved Carer of the Month award for January.

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