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Mother’s Day gift ideas for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

What to buy someone for Mother’s Day is always challenging however when you’re trying to buy gifts for people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease – finding the right present can often be extremely daunting.

When choosing a present for a loved one living with Dementia, the right  gift can help them reminisce, soothe agitation, provide comfort, make their daily life easier or activities that stimulate their mind. Here we’ve collated our top gift ideas for those living with Dementia which we think make a real difference for those living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Top gifts for those living with Dementia

Art and craft materials
Art improves memory and concentration and is extremely liberating for someone living with dementia. It’s also a dementia activity which you can all do together without conversation. Buy some paints, paper felt – tips or crayons or collage materials.

Digital calendar clock
The buttons are all clearly labelled to avoid confusion and the date and time appears in large bold letters which they can see the clock from across the room.

Small fish tank or a bird feeder
Setting up a small fish tank has proven to reduce depression for those living with dementia. Or buy a bird feeder and position it outside of their window that your loved one spends a lot of time near.

Family photo album
Any type of present that involves photos or memories is a perfect gift for your loved one especially those with more advanced dementia. You can sit together and share each photo. They may not remember names, but feelings ‘stick’. A photo album full of happy memories even if they can’t name everyone in their photos will make them smile.

Voice controlled alarm clock with reminders
A voice controlled alarm clock is a perfect gift. You can record a message every time they wake up reminding them what to do at that particular time. It’s a simple, hands-free solution to remind loved ones about medication, appointments and every-day tasks.

Digital photo frame 
There are a wide variety of photo digital frames available. These digital photo frames are disguised as a photo frame and are a fantastic way to enjoy a slideshow of up-to-date pictures of family and friends and can even display their favourite picture or piece of art.

An automatic pill dispenser
This is a great little gadget and can be a life saver for families and those living with dementia. This dispenser has multiple compartments for each medication and is locked. Your loved one will not have access to their medication until the allocated time when the dispenser will sound an alarm and present the correct medication. Once taken, the dispenser will not issue any other medication until the next programmed time.

This a perfect gift for those living with dementia especially for someone in the later stages of dementia as it is extremely comforting and can reduce anxiety and calm nerves.

Soft modelling clay
If your loved one loves using their hands then soft, non-toxic modelling clay or play-doh is proven to have a calming effect on those living with dementia and provides creative stimulation.

Dolls or stuffed animals
A doll our stuffed toy are considered to be therapy and provide great comfort and support for those living with dementia. Holding a stuffed animal or doll close to a loved one can bring back memories when they had children or pets of their own. They can also improve their mood and create a sense of purpose.

Wooden puzzles
Puzzles with large pieces are extremely therapeutic and are a great way for loved ones to improve their mental stimulation as they are proven to improve short-term memory and brain function. Buy or personalise a puzzle that will evoke memories.

Puzzle and colouring books
Brain stimulating activity or colouring books are excellent presents for loved ones to keep them entertained whilst improving their mental stimulation. There are a myriad of activity books designed by dementia specialists on the market.

Amazon Echo Alexa
An Alexa device is a hand free device which is voice-controlled. It has proven to improve the quality of life and improve independence for those living with dementia as they’re like virtual companions – perfect for those living on their own and instantly answer question such as “what time is it?”

Garden bird song CD
Buy a CD of live recordings of the UK’s favourite garden birds with a guidebook. This is an excellent way to stimulate a loved one’s memory. You can listen to this together and is fun and engaging.

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