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COVID-19 – Challenges to a domiciliary home care worker

Many people speak about the frontline staff such as NHS nurses, paramedics and doctors but people often forget about domiciliary carers who do such a vital job. Our carers go in daily to people’s homes where they are elderly or vulnerable and provide care to them including personal care, medication administration, ensuring they have enough supplied and essential companionship.

During this time of uncertainty, where the rest of the country is self-isolating, our carers still go to work every day visiting many vulnerable people each day to ensure they receive the care they are so in need of. Whilst supporting them they need to be responsible for protecting their own health, and the health of those they look after, by taking precautionary measures of using additional PPE when it is already in short supply and keeping the required distances wherever possible.
Homecare has become a lot more challenging since the COVID-19 outbreak and staff have been working hard by picking up extra shifts to cover work for colleagues that have been required to self-isolate. Many members of staff have even taken extra measure of leaving their homes and children so they do not put them at risk and can continue their work as a key worker.

Our care staff are also finding that they need to take extra time with those they are caring for to ensure that their mental well being is being taken into account as well as their physical well being and are offering the reassurance they need during this time of uncertainty.

Care workers are also popping back to the office to pick up supply packages that Novus Care have put together so the elderly do not run out of their essential items such as toilet roll and hand sanitiser.

So please bear in mind the tough job your care staff have to undertake at a time when they are also tired and worried themselves. They do all of this whilst maintaining a smile on their face in order to give that much needed reassurance to all of our concerned service users.

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