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Charities Close to Our Hearts

2020 was a challenging and gruelling for so many people across the globe. The pandemic has been unscrupulous and affected everyone on some level regardless of age, nationality, gender or affluence. With so many losing their lives, people having to deal with being separated from their loved ones for prolonged periods of time, businesses succumbing to the economic pressures and mental health suffering across the board we at Novus Care feel it is an apt time to show our gratitude.

We have been so fortunate that our staff have remained safe throughout this pandemic and the small few that did contract the virus were fortunate enough to make a full recovery. The vast majority of our service users have also remained safe and healthy throughout. This has been made possible due to so many people pulling together in these difficult times to ensure we can continue provide a safe service to those that need it the most. Our care staff have shown their devotion to their service users by loyally continuing to work throughout the year dealing with challenges such as childcare when school closures have come into effect. Our office staff have worked tirelessly to ensure everyone receives the care they need and have had to constantly adapt to last minute adjustments due to isolation notes etc whilst continuing to support the teams in the field to keep the morale high. They have also been instrumental in assisting the hospitals with discharges to allow people to get home as soon as possible and free up beds for those that need them most. Our finance team has worked hard to source PPE from wherever we can find it even enlisting the help from the wider communities to ensure our staff have the protection that they need. The recruitment and training teams have been dynamic in their approaches to ensure we can continue to train staff with the correct social distancing measures in place.

Whilst it has been a tough year, we are so grateful to be coming through it with so many positives at the end of it and thus each office has nominated a charity of their choice to mark our appreciation.

Cranleigh Lions was chosen by our Cranleigh office as they wanted to give something back to a local charity that has done so much to help some of our service users. The Lions Club work with those most in need to help provide them for funding for those less fortunate. We are very excited that our donation will be used to help with their Christmas Hamper Project this year!

Indee Rose Trust was chosen by our Canvey office and is a charity that helps terminally ill children who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumours. It is close to their hearts due to their instrumental involvement in helping a local young girl, Mia Horne, and her family who sadly lost her life earlier this year.

Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care was nominated by our Godalming branch for not only the support and care they have provided to many of our service users, but also for the vital support they have given to one of our staff member’s mother who is currently fighting cancer.

The brain tumour charity has been nominated by our Wickford branch to honour the help and support provided to a staff member when their father was diagnosed as terminally ill with a brain tumour. They carry out vital research to help support faster diagnosis and effective care for those diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The Peace Hospice Care was nominated by our Watford branch for the help and support they are providing to one of our members of staff’s mother who is suffering with Cancer. They are another great local charity who support many others in the community that we are involved in caring for.


As well as showing our support to these organisations we would like to thank so many of you for the support shown to us throughout the year. Whether it has been supplies of visors and masks, toilet roll donations for service users, food supplies from local restaurants it has been amazing to work closer with our local communities and have some good come from a terrible time.

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