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Introducing June’s Carer of the Month

At Novus Care, we always strive to provide the highest quality care and we very often hear about inspirational individuals and teams who have gone above the call of duty to deliver that care. The difference our Carers make to the lives of our clients deserves recognition and one way that we do this is through our carer of the month program. It’s a wonderful opportunity to thank you and to encourage each and every one of our members of staff to reach their full potential so that together we can achieve the very best care possible.

We are so very proud of all our staff and in JUNE, we are delighted to announce the following members of staff have been awarded our carers of the month;


Congratulations Cheryl

Cheryl Holdich has won Wickford’s carer of the month for June as she is always a flexible and a reliable member of staff. Cheryl is always willing to help where she can and is extremely attentive and caring, always ensuring that she spends as much time as she can with our clients and has built good relationships with them all. All her clients have always got something positive to say about Cheryl, and they always look forward to her attending their care calls.

Well done Cheryl this is a well deserved award!




Congratulations Waynette

Congratulations to the lovely Waynette for winning Watford’s carer of the month for June. Waynette received this award for her consistent time keeping, her reliability and never goes sick. Waynette is a fabulous carers and a real asset to the Watford team and your clients and all the team would like to thank you for all your hard work!

Well done Waynette!


Congratulations Cristina

Cristina has won Cranleigh’s carer of the month due to her continued dedication to her role. Cristina has exceptionally high level of standards and is a popular member of the team. Her hard work is appreciated not only by her clients but by the office team. Cristina always writes clear and concise care notes which is essential.

Well done Cristina!




Congratulations Patience

Patience has won June’s ‘Live-in carer of the month’ as we have received very positive feedback from the family of her current client which we are so proud of. Patience always tries her very best and is an asset to the live in carer team. Patience is always polite to everyone she speaks to and has a brilliant attitude towards her client, their family and Novus office staff. Patience informs the office of anything we need to know and excels in her role. Patience fulfils all of her clients needs and is always willing to go above and beyond. Patience is very professional and gives her client consistency. Patience was delighted to have received carer of the month. Well done Patience!





Congratulations Katie

Katie has won Godalming’s carer of the month as she always goes above and beyond for her clients. Katie extremely conscientious and is always vigilant to the needs and changes of the clients in her care. She provides excellent details on her notes and identifies to the office when ever there is a change or concern. She aways delivers high standards of care to her regulars and will help the team by being flexible and picking up extra hours at short notice. She is dedicated and hardworking and always communicates well both with the customers and with the office team.

Well done Katie and thank you for all your hard work and support




Congratulations Paulina

Paulina has won Canvey Island’s carer of the month because she is consistent with her work, is always polite and friendly and has excellent communication skills. Paulina logs in and out of the app daily without being reminded and documents detailed notes.

Paulina is very quick at responding and making the office aware of any medication changes, accident and incidents. Paulina then documents these correctly and thoroughly. Paulina was delighted to have received carer of the month. She showed her certificate to her client who was also very pleased she had been awarded it and said she thoroughly deserves this award. Well done Paulina!


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