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How Shaun found independence and connection

Meet Shaun. At 26 years old, Shaun, who is from Surrey faces the unique daily challenges of living with a learning disability and a rare genetic disorder. Everyday tasks and activities that many of us take for granted can present significant hurdles for him. But amidst these challenges, Shaun has found a new support system: his visiting carers.

Lydia, our Field Care Supervisor at Novus Care, has been working alongside Shaun, his friends, and family to compile something truly special: his “About Me” book. This book isn’t just a collection of facts; it’s a communication tool and conversation starter that helps Shaun bridge the gap between himself and his carers.

One of the biggest frustrations for Shaun has been the misunderstanding he faces from others. But with his “About Me” book in hand, Shaun feels more empowered and in control of his daily life. This laminated masterpiece spans 19 pages, filled with vibrant photos and detailed information about his hobbies, favourite people, family, likes, dislikes, and even his future care wishes.

According to Lydia, working on Shaun’s book has been an absolute joy. “It’s been great fun working with Shaun and getting to know him even better,” she says. “His character really shines through in his book, and I’m very pleased and proud to have supported Shaun in writing it.”

Shaun is relishing the opportunity to get to know his carers. And what’s even more heart warming? Most of them already have nicknames! It’s these little touches of familiarity and connection that make all the difference in Shaun’s world.

Shaun’s story is a testament to the power of personalised home care. With the help of visiting carers like Lydia and his “About Me” book, Shaun is not just navigating his challenges – he’s thriving, one page at a time.

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